Written by Indiana Lee

Summer’s here and it’s time to get out of the house and take those warm-weather vacations that we all love. It’s an opportunity to enjoy time with your family, and that may include your dogs as well. If your pets are partial to traveling, you can take them along for the ride, but caution and proper preparation are necessary. 

If you’re planning to take your pup on your next adventure, then heed these tips to make it a fun and safe experience for everyone.

Plan Accordingly

If you plan to bring your dog on vacation, then you need to start planning ahead of time to ensure all of your pet’s needs are met during the trip. Make sure to pack their identification and documentation so they can be found if they get lost. Also, bring at least one tagged collar and have your pup wear it at all times. If your dog has a microchip, ensure it’s working properly. 

If your travel includes a camping trip or other outside adventures through forests or parks, it’s important to have your pup up-to-date on all of their shots. For travel outside of the country, bring proof of all vaccinations and obtain a medical certificate if you plan to fly. No matter how you plan to travel, you should bring a first aid kit that you can use in case of emergencies.

Be prepared to take care of your dog’s basic needs. Bring their waste bags, toys, and enough treats to keep them happy and healthy. During travel, hydration is especially important for people and pets alike, so bring their water bowl and extra bottles of water if you have the opportunity to do so. 

Keeping your pet comfortable and safe during the hottest weather is also important. Never leave your dog in the car, give them plenty of water, and save your outdoor adventures for the early morning or evening when the temperatures are more bearable.

Practice Car Safety

An epic road trip can create memories that you and your dog will remember forever. It’s important to avoid the most dangerous times to drive, which include the late evening and afternoon, especially if you are in an area where there are a lot of commuters. The more cars that are on the road, the more dangerous it is. Do your best to be off the road and at the hotel or a nearby attraction during those times.

Before you take your dog on a long car trip, you need to verify that your pet is comfortable riding in a vehicle for long periods of time. If you’re unsure, practice before the trip. You can do that by taking your furry friend for a shorter trip around the neighborhood and then taking longer trips every day to see if your dog gets less fidgety. If your dog seems comfortable but gets restless from time to time, you can plan a route that involves plenty of opportunities to stop so you can both get out and stretch your legs. You can also take your pet for a long walk before the trip so they can work out some of their anxiety.

Flying With A Pet

If your vacation requires a flight, you’ll want to take extra precautions with your dog. Firstly, call the airline before you buy your tickets and ask if they have any unique guidelines or paperwork that you need to bring with you during the flight. Just like the car, you need to verify that your dog is comfortable with flying and won’t panic. Visit your vet before you leave and get a check-up, and they will tell you if there are any red flags.

On the day of the flight, you can prepare your pup by feeding them early enough so that they are satisfied but not too much or too close to the flight, or they may get an upset stomach during the trip. Again, let them get plenty of exercise so they are less anxious and more likely to sleep during the flight. Finally, make sure to buy a large enough pet carrier so that your dog is comfortable. Have the pup sit in it before the flight so they can get used to it.

If it looks like your dog will be too stressed to enjoy a trip, you may need to leave them at home in the care of a pet sitter. If you do, provide as much information about your dog as possible, including their medical history and your pet’s recall, so the sitter can easily call them back if your pooch escapes.

It is possible to have a fun and safe trip with your furry friend. Consider the tips mentioned here and create memories that you will treasure forever.

About the writer: Indiana Lee is a freelance writer and journalist with a wealth of experience in blogging, content marketing, and journalism.