Letters to Eusoh #1 - The One with the Mole

Posted by Joe Cayetano on Jul 23, 2018 3:53:50 PM

We often receive letters and stories from everyday people who experienced the not-so-efficient system that we call healthcare. We’d like to share some of these experiences to show what many people have to deal with every day. 

"Hey Eusoh!! Years ago, while living in the states, I had a large, unattractive mole develop on my head (under the hair). I had my general practice doctor take a look at it, and he sent me to a dermatologist, who said, “… nothing to worry about, not the type that is ever cancerous, but if I classify it that way, then your insurance won’t cover a cosmetic procedure to remove it.” So, he scraped it, tested it, set an appointment at a hospital outpatient surgical facility, etc. I show up, get put in the gown, IV line put in, etc., the whole works, and then wheeled into the operating theatre where they tell than me to set on the edge of the table.

The dermatologist walks in with essentially a big spray can in his hand (liquid nitrogen I think), gives the mole three shots over five minutes, and says, “It’ll fall off on its own, no special care needed.” By the time they are done, Blue Cross pays more than $5,000, including the fees for the “standby aetiologist”.

Fast forward 7 years while I'm living in Australia, the mole comes back. I see my general practice doctor here, he says, “hell, no cancer risk on this type…”, walks out, comes back with the can of freezing agent. Then also does a complete check up on my “nuisance”, and writes me three scripts. Total charge, and being precise -- $59.20. I tell ya, just epic levels of fraud in the US, makes one despair sometimes. Had to rant to someone. Best, Tim"

If you have any stories you’d like to share, you can email our editor at joe@eusoh.com. (All sources will be kept anonymous, of course.)




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