How to Choose the Right Veterinarian

Posted by Joe Cayetano on Aug 30, 2018 2:53:01 PM

Veterinarian with cat

Selecting a veterinarian is really important because you want your pet to get the best care possible. Pet care or animal care can in no way be discounted or settled on. It is really not advisable to look for a vet when you're in desperate need for one, as urgency can often dictate the wrong choice. So, plan accordingly and choose wisely before anything unexpected happens!

Points to Consider When Looking for a Veterinarian

License and Accreditation

Just as you would not visit an unlicensed doctor, you want your pet to get the best authoritative care that it can get. It is a must that the vet has a professional license to practice in your state. And while the vet’s membership with the American Animal Hospital Association is not compulsory, it ensures that your pet is in good hands. If your pet has health ailments requiring specialized knowledge, additional training and certifications need to be kept in mind. Certifications are generally posted in good vet clinics as proof so always do thorough research.

Requirements of Other Staff

When you take your pet to the vet, he/she comes into contact with other staff members like nurses, anesthesiologists, etc. It is a good idea to ask the vet about their staffing requirements, such as the qualifications and accreditations required of their staff and who exactly will be involved in caring for your dear animal friend.


Referrals from trusted sources are an effective way to determine the right vet. Prior to choosing, consider what patients have to say about the care provided at the clinic, their charges, the thoroughness of the examinations, and the overall friendliness of the vet. Make note of both good and bad feedback, especially those that make a significant impact on other clients' satisfaction and the health of their pets. You can check Yelp reviews, Google reviews as well as other review sites; There is sure to be plenty of reviews for your prospective vet.

Customized Attention

Busy veterinarians are not always able to spend as much time as they would want to with your pet. Nevertheless, a good vet always gives special attention to your pet, even when they are busy with a lot of patients. You should never feel as if your concerns are being neglected or that your visit is being rushed. When the vet gives your animal a treat or spends a few extra minutes giving them special attention, even affection, it can make a significant difference in your (and their) experience.

Continued Education

A good veterinarian will always keep themselves updated on the latest developments and advances in veterinary science. This will take place through the incorporation of new techniques, new treatments , and new equipment. If the particular vet receives regular training to sharpen their skills and learns about new methods of animal care, it shows their dedication toward their profession and their desire to adapt to better methods.

Office Maintenance

Similar to hospitals, veterinary clinics need to be kept sanitized and sterilized for ideal pet treatment. You could request a tour of a veterinarian's office before entering your pet onto their registry. A good vet service clinic will have no issue in showing you around the place and will even show you the rooms where surgeries take place. Everything needs to be neat, clean, and organized. You'll need to do this for your own piece of mind.

Location and Working Hours

Your vet should ideally be located close enough to be easily accessible for emergency animal treatment. Round-the-clock service is desirable. If the vet does not provide 24/7 service, they should provide the contact details of those who do or provide information about the closest emergency hospitals or centers.

Pet health is integral to your pet’s overall well-being. So, even though there may be many vets around, make sure your choice is a well-thought-out one. The field of veterinary practice is a competitive one from which you want to choose the very best. As your pet is like a family member, never settle for less when it comes to his/her healthcare.

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