Eusoh's Halloween Pet Costume Giveaway

Posted by Joe Cayetano on Oct 17, 2018 5:42:03 PM

Halloween isn't just for the kids anymore. Many pet owners are now dressing up their furry pals in decorative costumes and taking them along for trick or treating. Retail outlets like Amazon and Chewy are keeping up with the trend, dedicating sections of their online stores to all types of pet costumes.

Eusoh is keeping in the spirit with their special costume giveaway to new signups. New members of the site who register a pet and join Eusoh's own dog and cat groups will receive a pet costume. The costumes range from Star Wars themed costumes to bumblebees and even lions.

Prior to the giveaway, the Eusoh team took a poll of what is the most popular costume for Halloween. "Bumblebee" took top honors and in turn will be one of the costumes Eusoh will be handing out to new users.

Eusoh wishes everyone and their pets a happy and safe Halloween.


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