Our Favorite Things: Holidays in L.A.

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This holiday season the Eusoh team will be sharing their "favorite" memories, activities and traditions they share with their pets. Our CMO, Sam, shares his memories growing up in rural Oregon and how different it is living currently in sunny Los Angeles.

There is something different about the Holidays in Los Angeles

Some of my earliest snowy memories in Oregon was playing snowball fetch with my Great Pyrenees dog, aptly named Snowball. My brother and I spent hours in the yard tossing quickly made snowballs to her as she ran fastest after each and every one.

Snowball was the best dog and thinking about her reminds of my childhood in Oregon. One of my favorite memories of her is snuggling under the Christmas tree in the family living room. The presents were laid out, the lights glittered, and the hot cocoa was sweet. With her on my lap, I would dream about my future. 

Fast forward to the present where some of those dreams have come true. Still, my favorite holiday activity is curling up under the tree with my dog, Daisy, a good book, hot cocoa, and we snuggle amid the glow and glitter of the lights.

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