Our Favorite Things: Christmas Eve Golf with a Terrier

Posted by Joe Cayetano on Dec 6, 2018 8:21:58 AM


This holiday season the Eusoh team will be sharing their “favorite” memories, activities and traditions they have with their pets. Our Marketing Ninja, Joe, shares a particular fun and touching memory playing golf in New Jersey.

Some Christmas Eve days in New Jersey are short, cold, and extremely difficult if you're a golfer. But one good thing is that there aren't that many people on the course because of holiday and the weather. With the remaining sunlight in the day, I had the chance to get in 18 holes by myself.

But I wasn't by myself, the cutest Jack Russell terrier decided to follow me on the course. I noticed he had a collar and a Christmas scarf on; So I knew this particular terrier was not a stray.

I had a decision to make: Either take the dog back to the clubhouse where the staff would care of him and find the owner or have him tag along on the back side. I was 2-under going into the turn and I was not going to stop because I was on a roll despite the difficult conditions.

In between feeding the dog snacks and shooing him away from my ball on the greens, he was great company. One particular tee shot hooked into the trees and I saw the dog bolt right after it. And like clockwork, I heard barking in the trees and brushes -- and there he was standing right next to my stray Titleist.

Long story short, I finished the round 4 under...give or take a few mulligans. But I had the best fore caddie ever. And when my round was done, the terrier's owner was waiting in Clubhouse. She said the dog, whose name was "Fluff" loved the company of golfers and spends his day following them on the course.

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