Quick Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Pooch out of Trouble

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Dogs bring a tremendous amount of joy, loyalty, laughter and love to our lives.  However, their curiosity sometimes leads them to unhealthy choices, and as owners, it’s up to us to protect them from their own bad decisions.  Here’s how you can make quick and easy adjustments to your home and life to keep your furry family member safe.

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Alone and adventurous

When left to their own devices, dogs can find plenty of ways to amuse themselves.  It only takes a moment, even if you just step outside to the mailbox or make a quick trip to the next room, for Fido to dip into forbidden territory or help himself to your favorite refreshment.  Leaving for work or to run errands opens up substantial windows of opportunity. With a few clever precautions, you can keep your pooch safe, even when you aren’t home to keep an eye on things. Do some dog proofing by picking up temptations like dirty dishes, shoes, and laundry, and keep your trash in secure containers.  Store food safely out of reach , such as inside high cupboards or the pantry, and close off parts of your home your dog isn’t allowed into by shutting doors or putting up baby gates.


If you have a bored dog at home, here's some DIY brain games you can play. All you need are few household items.

Article: https://yourdogadvisor.com/diy-brain-games-for-your-dog/


Entertainment and exercise

Does your dog seem to be bored, or does he get anxious at times?  Mental Floss points out ensuring your dog has stimulation and entertainment in appropriate outlets, such as chew toys, can enrich your dog’s life in important ways.  Having something to chomp on, whether for teething, out of frustration, or just because there is no other direction for his energy to go, can keep your dog from doing destructive activities, like chewing something he shouldn’t.  It’s a simple outlet, and chewies come in all sorts of fun designs and textures. Dog puzzle toys are another “ pupular ” choice for keeping canines engaged in a healthy activity.  Another way to help your pooch is to provide more exercise.  Toy dog breeds, such as pugs, shih tzus and Chihuahuas, are content to be couch potatoes, but active breeds that were bred for sport or work, like terriers and hounds, need more physical engagement.  Try outdoor games, such as fetch or Frisbee, or amp up neighborhood walks.

Wisdom for walkies

When it comes to walks around the neighborhood or even just routine potty trips, one of the best things you can do for your pooch is to teach him basic leash training.  It helps him understand what kind of behavior is appropriate, and it allows you to provide structure and direction while on outings and for events like trips to the vet.  You can keep your dog from getting tangled in legs, running out in front of cars, and scaring other pedestrians. Start in the house, and discourage pulling and other bad behaviors by encouraging correct choices and gently correcting mistakes.  As Wahl explains, it can also come in handy when unforeseen complications arise on your walks, such as storms, skunks, and mud puddles, or inappropriate snacks, like grass, trash, and animal droppings.

Inspect the premises 

If you have a fenced property for your pooch, Smart Dog Owners recommends a backyard inspection to ensure it’s properly secure whenever you let your dog out.  Verify the gates are latched and the fence is unbreached, and check the bottom edge of your fencing to ensure no holes erupted since the last time Fido was out.  Even if your dog isn’t normally a digger, pups sometimes chase critters on a lark, or other animals make holes your dog could slip through. Also take a look to ensure nothing has come to visit recently, since creatures like slugs, wasps, and hornets can be dangerous to your dog.

Keeping your furry family member safe is part of responsible dog ownership.  Do some dog proofing, provide enriching activity, teach basic manners, and be alert to issues in your own yard and neighborhood.  With a handful of clever tricks and preventative measures, you can stay ahead of even the most curious canine companion.

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