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Posted by Joe Cayetano on Dec 31, 2018 2:47:46 PM


We describe Eusoh as community-based care for your pet. But it’s also community-based care for everyone’s pet. Eusoh calls upon the community to help care for pets everywhere. For this worthwhile purpose, we call upon the community to become our ambassadors.

As a Eusoh ambassador, you have the opportunity to create a new revenue stream for yourself. In the new sharing economy, which Eusoh is a big part of, people are finding new and innovative ways to make a living or have a side "gig". Whether it is being an Uber driver or an Amazon retail affiliate or even a social media influencer, we are presented so many opportunities to create earnings. And now you have this opportunity and all you need to do is connect with fellow pet owners.


All you need to do is “Spread the Love” of Eusoh by spreading the word of what we do. You’ll be equipped with an “ambassador” code that you can send to your network, clients, friends, family - Basically, anyone who wants to try out a new and innovative way to protect pets everywhere.

What's a good ambassador code?

Think of something "catchy" but short. You've probably used a promo code at a retail site, so something within 8 characters is good. Examples: "PAWPRINT", "FURRY7", "PUPLOVE5", CATLADYJ".

I have an ambassador code, what do I do?

Send your referrals to this page https://eusoh.com/signup/ --When they sign up for Eusoh , have them input your ambassador code.

What's a signup?

In order to be a full signup, they have to fulfill the following:

  1. Add a pet
  2. Join a group
  3. Enter their financial information

Once this is all fulfilled, your ambassador code will be tracked and you will be credited with the referral. And for a limited time, we are offering $40 per referral and we will be sending payments after each referral. There is no $100 threshold needed to get paid; We pay by the referral.

Who makes a great referral?

  1. Anyone who has a pet. Pet owners will face the reality that their pet will require veterinary care. Whether it’s a surgery, physical therapy, or a simple procedure, pet owners will have to go to a vet at least once a year.
  2. If you’re a vet, a pet groomer, or a pet boarder --  your clients would be perfect for Eusoh . Everyone is looking for a good deal and Eusoh provides that for pet owners. They will save 50-80% as compared to traditional insurance.
  3. Your friends and followers on social media. Got Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or maybe MySpace? Now here's your chance to talk all day about Eusoh and what it can do for pets. People love crowdsharing platforms like GoFundMe and KickStarter  -- And Eusoh works much like them, and it allows groups to share pet expenses together. Reviews have come for Eusoh , with people referring it as “crowdfunding” or even a “timeshare” for pets.

Who doesn’t make a great referral?

  1. Yourself. The ambassador program was made for your network of friends, clients, neighbors, and colleagues. We work like most referral and affiliate program where referring yourself frowned upon because of possible fraudulent activity. And like most referral and affiliate program, we want to create organic growth from authentic users. We highly recommend finding pet lovers in your community.
  2. People that don’t exist. It’s easy to create an anonymous email address and an anonymous account. But in order to be credited for a full signup and referral, a user must be fully signed up to Eusoh . This means creating an account, adding a pet, joining a group, and adding financials. And you can’t create a financial account from anonymous identity. If you know anyone who can, please send that referral to the FBI.

Speaking of social media, wondering what would make a great post? We wrote a few examples of what you can write. Copy and paste these to your heart’s pleasure.

“Hey friends: I want to share with you Eusoh ! Best of all I want to share with you how to get it for FREE for the first 90 days using promo code GROUP3. Just enter my ambassador code SAVENOW2019 at registration. Eusoh is new as it has groups that share in the care of your pets and saves you hundreds of not thousands be it a regular check up or emergency procedure.”

“Friends. Share my ambassador code SAVENOW2019 and combine with GROUP3 to get three free months and have the assurance your pet is protected. Join Eusoh today.”

“Worried about the increasing costs of vet bills? Heard the horror stories? Worry no more! I’m using Eusoh to protect my pets and I’m saving lots of money along with sharing their care with my Eusoh community. Use my ambassador code SAVENOW2019 and use promo code GROUP3 to get THREE FREE MONTHS.”

“Want to learn how to share the care of pet costs? Use my code SAVENOW2019 and use the promo code GROUP3 to get THREE FREE MONTHS and get the protection you need for your pet. I did.”

If you have any further questions about the ambassador program, feel free to contact us at ambassador@eusoh.com. We can answer any questions about codes, best practices, and how you can get started. If you need logos, creatives, or anything else to promote Eusoh, just let us know.

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