May has passed and as the Eusoh community continues to grow and grow, the more everyone saves. With summer already here and pets are out-and-about, enjoying the summer sun and heat — it’s a good time to visit the vet. Unfortunately, accidents and health issues are going to happen at this time of the year. It’s good for you and your pet to have the assurance that there is a cost-sharing and cost-solution out there.

Yes, We Saved

Here are the simple numbers for May: $19 is the average cost Eusoh members paid for the month. $19 is the cost of subscription ($10) plus the cost of shared expenses (average=$9). Compare that to the national average for pet insurance premiums, $80. It’s obvious to see how much the difference is. We’ll do the math for you: $61.

Taking that national average for pet insurance premiums, $80 and apply it over a 10-month period, pet owners are paying $800 dollars over that time. Month to month, the monthly price of Eusoh ranged from $10/month to $19/month. Altogether, over a 10-month span, Eusoh members paid on average $133. The difference between Eusoh and traditional pet insurance was astounding. We’ll do the math for you again: A $667 difference.

“You saved $667 and helped fellow pet owners while paying under $20/month for pet protection. You should be happy!”

Procedures shared

Here’s a listing of services, surgeries, and procedures Eusoh members shared in the month of May.

  • Annual checkup and shots
  • Vaccine appointment
  • Physical therapy
  • Lump exam
  • Tumor removal
  • Foreign Body in GI Tract
  • Abdominal Ultrasound
  • Arthritis treatment

And that’s just the shortlist. You can see here that the Eusoh platform and the community are there for one another. If you are considering Eusoh for your pets and you have questions, please leave us a message on our contact page.