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Pro golfers are celebrities in their own right. We love to watch their skills on the course, but it’s a human trait to be interested in what goes on behind the scenes of their lives! And never mind the wives and girlfriends… What we really want to know is about pro golfers and their pets!

Some golfers bring their junior fluffs with them on tour, and you may have seen some little pups running around the course if you watch golf. Regardless of how serious the game is, you can’t help but find them adorable, whether they’re chewing on a golf glove or falling asleep on the fairway. 

Here are some of the most well-known golfers out there and an introduction to their lovely, personality-filled pets. Enjoy! 

Tiger Woods & Many Dogs 

Since the start of his career in the 90s, Tiger Woods always had many canine companions. His rather famous previous pooches include Yogi, a white Labradoodle, and Taz, a bouncy Border Collie. Fans of Tiger will have seen these two in various photos over the years, but sadly both beloved pups departed in 2019. 

Woods’ other well-known pooch is Bugs, an adopted Border Collie Springer Spaniel cross who’s been in the family since 2015. The most recent addition to the family is Lola, who Tiger has trained to fetch his golf balls! 

Collin Morikawa & Koa the Doodle 

Collin Morikawa may be the best iron player on the tour and the reigning Open Champion, but that steely determination is no match for the puppy dog eyes of his adorable doodle, Koa. He’s been with the family for just over a year, and he’s even got his own Instagram page so fans can follow his life! 

He’s clearly a much-loved little curly pup, decked out in custom-made knitted bandanas so he’s by far the most stylish golfer pooch out there. 

Koa is regularly seen on the course with his dad being a good boy and posing for photos next to equipment, trophies, or just by his cute self. 

Nelly Korda & Rafi the Kitty Cat 

While most golf pros are dog people, Nelly Korda is one of the few who has a much-loved cat, Rafi. While she does have a few photos of her sister Jessica’s curly little doodle, Charlie, she’s a cat gal. 

Rafi doesn’t feature a whole lot on her Instagram, it may be because cats are much less easy to travel with than dogs! She does have a cute Rafi-embroidered towel which you may have seen if you’ve watched her on tour. 

Justin Thomas & Franklin the Doodle 

JT is dad to a charming little black and white doodle named Franklin, who just happens to be besties with Tiger Woods’ pups. He’s a regular on Justin’s Instagram feed, as well as being a regular on the course with JT. 

Lexi Thompson & Leo the Havapoo 

Lexi Thompson has spent a few years away from the game. She’s been open about the stresses of being a pro golfer, which led to her stepping away from the game to recharge her batteries in 2018. 

When she’s on the road, she spends much of her time in the company of her beloved Havapoo, Leo. The little white floof has played a large role in helping Thompson recover from her mental exhaustion, and he features often on her social media! 

Max Homa & Scotty the Lab 

Max Homa is one of the funniest guys on the tour and on social media, but he’s also all about his dog, a white Lab named Scotty. You can tell the two most important characters in Homa’s life—his wife and Scotty—because they’re regular features on his social media! 


It’s great to see how many golfers love their pets! We’re seeing a trend though… Golfers and dogs! We love getting a glimpse into the people behind the celebrities, and seeing golfers interact with their beloved fluffy pets is a great way of remembering that they’re just human and get taken in by those puppy dog eyes and loving purrs just like the rest of us! 

We’ll be keeping an eye on these pro golfers and their pets as we go forward. Follow them on Instagram if you want to keep up with their careers and their fluffs!