*Note: This program is for members of the Eusoh community. Members are actively sharing the care with one another every month.

*Note 5/20/2021 – This program is now for users who are registered to Eusoh. This is for users who registered their email and created a password.

We have a new referral program for the Eusoh community:

Just bring a friend to Eusoh and you’ll get a $100 Amazon gift card

On top of that, we will cover your friend’s deposit. That’s $48 we will cover so they can start sharing the care with you and the Eusoh community!

Sounds too good to be true? We want to grow our pet caring community and with so many people adopting within the past year, more and more pets will definitely need the protection and the care they so deserve.

We know you have questions about this program. We’ll answer them right here.

When can I start referring friends and family?

What do I have to do?
Log into the Eusoh. From the Dashboard, you’ll see a button that says “Invite Friends and Family”. There you can add their emails. They’ll receive an invitation to join Eusoh.

From the dashboard, click the big blue button and invite your friends.

What do my friends have to do?
All they have to do is join the community. That means completing registration and joining a group.

When do I get my gift card?
Once your friend has been a member of the community for 90 days, we will deliver your gift card to your email address.

How many friends can I bring in?
As many as you can, just enter their email addresses from the dashboard. Let us know if you have more.

I have a friend with a couple of pets, do I get two gift cards?
It’s 1 gift card for every person you bring to Eusoh. We really want to grow the community and so, the more people, the more diversity, the better our community is.

Why 90 days until I get make gift card?
We want to make sure your friends are committed to sharing the care with our community. 90 days is a great amount of time to join, submit and share care expenses.

Is this for real? Are you really giving $100 Amazon gift cards?
It’s true.

How will the Amazon gift card be delivered to me?
Everyone does their Amazon shopping online. So we will send it to you online, straight to your email address (The one registered to Eusoh only)

I registered my email to Eusoh but I’m not sharing expenses nor paying the subscription fee monthly, can I refer my friends?
This referral program is exclusive to members of the Eusoh community. You can complete your registration here.