Where’s a great place to get your daily boost of endearing canine content? We have to say Instagram is our go-to application! This social networking service caters to those fond of taking photos of their fur babies and could not resist not sharing them. We’ve spent hours indulging and scrolling through delightful snaps and short videos of cute dogs, but we do have a few favorites.

Aside from providing us with gorgeous and enjoyable snaps, we adore them for their advocacies and for raising awareness on various dog-related topics. From educating new pet owners to saving strays from getting euthanized in overcrowded shelters– our hearts are filled with warmth and hope whenever we see a brand new post on these profiles.

Here are our loved Instagram accounts featuring some majestic canines:

Wags & Walks (https://www.instagram.com/wagsandwalks/)

  • Founded in 2011 by Lesley Brog, their mission is to reduce euthanasia in local dog shelters and advocate rescue dogs as the best kind of dogs there are. The passionate and loyal team goes on long drives to rescue as many wonderful canines as they can then finds a loving home for them. They educate people about shelter dogs, saying that they are by no means damaged goods. One can discover marvelous companions among all the different breeds and sizes within their adoption center. Since they have started operations, Wags & Walks has saved more than 5,000 canine companions– and have no plans of stopping any time soon!
  • Their profile is filled with heartwarming and inspiring stories about families who adopted their companions through their program. One can’t help but be delighted with the adorable snapshots of pups in their feed either. You might even find the new addition to your family through them, so go check out their profile!

Maggie Loves Orbit (https://www.instagram.com/maggielovesorbit/)

  • If you are a fan of Boston Terriers, then Maggie Loves Orbit will make you smile from ear to ear! The owner of the account, Hannah Zulueta, chronicles the life and adventures of being a fur parent to two Boston Terriers, Maggie and Orbit. Her goal is to educate other dog parents on what they initially need, breed traits, and how to raise this type of canine. Hannah posts reviews of products that helped and are enjoyed by her little companions, alongside their travels and training journeys.
  • Maggie Loves Orbit also has a blog (https://maggielovesorbit.com/) filled with articles about Boston Terriers: what it is like to raise them, the kinds of problems to expect, and how to keep them healthy and happy.

Berner Forum (https://www.instagram.com/bernerforum/)

  • Bernese Mountain Dogs are some of the most loyal, obedient, and friendliest breeds out there, and we appreciate how Berner Forum’s profile showcases that. Aside from the lovely photos and short videos of ‘Berners’ across the country, they also run a forum dedicated to educating, advocating, and caring for Bernese Mountain Dogs. These large dogs are high-energy, and first-time pet owners might have difficulty raising them. Berner Forum also wants to create a community for Bernese owners to come together and share their stories, tips, and experiences. 

Raider the Rescue (https://www.instagram.com/raider_the_rescue/)

  • Based in Los Angeles, raider_the_rescue is an account dedicated to Raider– a charming and delightful rescue dog. It’s filled with snaps and short videos about the daily life and adventures of this happy-go-lucky pup. Raider is a mixed breed canine who has lots of energy and gets into countless shenanigans that will surely brighten up your day. His playfulness is so infectious that you’ll be grinning in no time!

There are still plenty of dog-loving profiles to explore and appreciate! Some post about specific breeds, providing information and tips on how to raise them. While some accounts just want to make your day brighter by posting entertaining and whimsical content about the daily lives of dogs and the adventures they get up to.