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The 2019 Eusoh Holiday Gift Guide

Eusoh Holiday Gift Guide

While you and your furry companion are enjoying an incredible Thanksgiving meal together, we put together a list of the best gifts for your pet this Holiday season. Our friends and partners in the pet industry are offering amazing deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

#1 The Farmer’s Dog

Just for the Holidays!! Get 50% off your first order. Sign up to their meal plan starting at $3/day for real, fresh, vet-approved pet food.


Huan finds your pets, wherever they may go. Huan Smart Tags connects your pets to the Pet Protection Network, alerting you if your pet was detected away from home or away from you, preventing heartbreak.

Click here and use promo/discount code “EUSOH” at checkout.

#3 Pet Plate

Get 50% off the first box when you order a plan with Pet Plate. Pet Plate is a subscription service that delivers fresh-cooked, human-grade dog food right to your door.

#4 Happy Again Pet

Get 10% when you use the promo code EUSOH10. Happy Again is a unique dietary supplement made for pets with joint or musculoskeletal issues and it can be used as a preventative!

More Gifts For Your Pet!

Here are more interesting items we found on the Internet that will keep your pet super happy! (Links to Amazon)

14 Piece Chew Toy Set from SHARLOVY

Not sure what chew toy is your dog’s favorite? Why not get a whole set for your pooch to stay busy with. Get complete set

Long-handled Pooper Scooper from DEGBIT

Compact, lightweight, and made at the perfect height to make scooping extremely easy. Sturdy design for the biggest messes

Ultra Soft Dog or Cat Bed from FOCUSPET

Made of 100% safe materials, this bed is super soft to the touch and lightweight. Available in Medium and Large sizes. Check it out

Trail Dog Treats

What’s in Trail Dog Treats? Here’s a listing of some of the ingredients: Organic rye flour, sunflower seeds, organic flax meal, carrots, cornmeal, almonds, honey, all natural peanut butter, rolled oats, molasses & more!!  Check it out

5 Things Every New Cat Adopter Must Do

When you adopt a cat, you’re giving him/her a new life. There are many things you should consider before introducing new changes to their lifestyle so it doesn’t cause any psychological damage. Think about the ambiance they used to be in, whether they lived alone or with other cats, did they get enough food and water, and so on.

Being a new cat adopter can be intimidating, but when given proper attention, it’s a blissful experience. Here are some things every new cat adopter should do and remember:

  • Visit the Vet

As soon as you adopt your cat, take it to the veterinarian to see if their physical health is good and if there are any immunizations they might need. Regular checkups greatly help adopted cats regardless of their life before adoption. Make sure to carry the adoption medical papers with you. Also keep your vet’s work and after-work hour’s contact number nearby in case you need them for an emergency. 

  • Make the Environment Safe

Make your home a safe environment for your new cat. Don’t keep any plants that could be harmful for them, and always store away toxic medicines and cleaning supplies. Keep the toilet lid closed and make sure all the cords are out of their way. The window screen should be locked up and any breakable items should be way of their reach.

  • Get Insurance

Once you get pet insurance, you can not only choose your own vet, but also be assured of the health of your adopted cat. It gives you a certain peace of mind and also prevents you from having to reach for your emergency funds in case your cat needs some serious medical care. One of the positives is that you can formulate a budget to dedicate to the healthcare costs of your beloved new cat.

  • Build a Separate Space

Adopted pets can take some time to open up. So, during those first few days, let your cat take his/her time to understand that you only mean to take care of them. Once they trust you enough, build a separate corner for them in the house. This is a space they can come to when they want to eat, sleep, or get some rest. Cats often like to be on their own, so, a separate space serves great for them.

  • Help Them Make New Friends

Give your pets time with making new friends. Try to introduce them to the pets and animals around. If your cat is comfortable and mixes up with them soon, that’s obviously ideal; but even if they’re reluctant, let them take their own time to make new fellow animal friends. 

Summing Up

Bringing home a new cat is a matter of great responsibility, especially if it’s an adopted cat. The environment they came from previously could be severely torturous and abusive. Therefore, they need to know that their new home is warm and loving.

Make your home as stress-free an ambiance for them as possible. Whatever you do, remember to keep their health in check and see to it that the transition from their past life to the new one is smooth and organic.

Pet Plate, a Healthy New, Fresh Food Subscription Service For Your Pet

Eusoh is updating the traditional insurance model – and we think traditional pet foods could use some updating, too. When Pet Plate founder Renaldo Webb was looking for an alternative to low-quality, processed dry foods for his pup Winston, he ended up starting his own dog food company!

Pet Plate is a subscription service that delivers fresh-cooked, human-grade dog food right to your door. Their meals are made with 100% real ingredients, like fresh protein, veggies and fruits – the kind of ingredients you might buy for your family. All of the meals are cooked in a USDA kitchen and are held to the same standards as human food.

Wondering why pet parents are turning to fresh food? Here’s the scoop:

More energy
Traditional kibble often contains a ton of processed ingredients, which can be tough for your pup to digest. Real, fresh ingredients are more digestible. That means your pupper will absorb more nutrients from their food – so they’ll have more energy for playtime!

Health benefits
A diet composed of real ingredients can have big health benefits for your dog. Since fresh food is easier to digest, it can be a great choice for pups with digestive issues or sensitive stomachs. Pet parents have also reported easier weight management as well as a decrease in allergies, a shinier coat and even firmer poops once they made the switch!

Tastes great
If you’re struggling to get your picky pup to eat, switching to fresh food (or adding some fresh food to their usual meals) can help bring excitement back to mealtime!
If you’re sold on fresh food, and are looking for an easy, convenient option – Pet Plate can help! They deliver 100% human-grade meals straight to your door in pre-portioned, resealable, microwavable containers. Your pup’s meal plan is personalized, so every meal is perfectly portioned. Plus, Pet Plate works with an in-house veterinary nutritionist to make sure their recipes are complete and balanced by including a custom supplement blend in every meal.

Ready to give Pet Plate a try? Click here for 50% off your first order!

Eusoh a Finalist for the Digital Insurer Startup Insuretech Award

Great news! We’ve been recognized by the Digital Insurer, world’s largest dedicated knowledgebase on digital insurance, as a finalist for their 2019 Startup Insuretech Award. The award will be handed out as part of their Global Livefest 2019 festival.

The November event, will recognize the excellent achievements and digital and technological innovations in the entire insurance industry. Eusoh is proud to be one of those companies to be recognized.

Take a look at the Digital Insurer’s website for the event.

You’ll see that Eusoh is on the shortlist of the many startups making waves in the insurance industry. LIVEFEST 2019 is an opportunity to share knowledge and learn more about the digitization of the insurance industry.

Eusoh, the Innovative, Transparent, Affordable Alternative We Need

Fact: Less than 2% of pets in North America are insured.

Fact: 93% of Americans do not trust insurance companies.

Eusoh, a startup based out of Los Angeles, CA,  provides the first fully-functional alternative to insurance. Founded by a former surgeon, Allen Kamrava, Eusoh (pronounced “you-so”) offers people an option that simply wasn’t available before.  It’s a platform that protects people without taking advantage of them.

Eusoh is a community-based health coverage plan for pets. Community is at the heart of Eusoh, where members commit to help one another when their pets have unexpected health needs. Eusoh is not insurance nor a provider, but a platform that allows members to share expenses together safely and securely.

Since its launch, Eusoh members have saved 80% compared to traditional pet insurance. So what’s the secret? It’s an innovative subscription model. Eusoh members pay a flat subscription fee ($17/mo.) plus a portion of shareable expenses. The flat subscription fee covers the use of the platform. The monthly shareable expenses, (which will never exceed  $48/month), will vary depending on how many expenses are submitted by the group that month.

In the traditional insurance model, insurance company profits are tied to premiums, and, ironically, to claims. Increases in claims are simply passed on to consumers as increases in premiums. The profits of these multi-billion companies rise concurrently. It is not in the best interest of this industry to lower monthly costs for the consumer. Eusoh is unique in that it does not take a percentage of members’ contributions; therefore,  there is no incentive to drive up costs.

Eusoh compares favorably to traditional insurance in the model and in pricing. The platform protects the consumer in the form of transparent pricing. Eusoh built the first-ever searchable database of procedure pricing. This database allows members to see what other members are paying (along with what they should be paying) for services across the country. As expenses for services are  submitted, Eusoh updates its database in real-time to reflect these changes.

Allen Kamrava says about Eusoh transparency, “Markets operate effectively when information is equally and fully accessible by EVERYONE, not just a select few. Eusoh’s foundation is providing full information transparency to our users. In doing so, our members are fully-armed with knowledge so they can’t be ripped off and that drives costs down for all of our members.”

For the consumer seeking a new alternative to pet insurance, signing up is simple. Users register by email or through their Facebook account. They will be required to add a pet and fill out a questionnaire regarding their pet’s overall condition. Last, they will be given the option to join a number of diverse cost-sharing groups. 

Within Eusoh, there are groups built and populated by families, workplaces, and college alumni. There are also groups based on pet breed, religious affiliation, pet affinity, and even lifestyle. Rescues are even getting into Eusoh to provide coverage for their adoptees. Wags & Walks, one of the most prominent rescues in the Los Angeles area, have registered pets to Eusoh and its group members are currently sharing expenses together.

“The most common thing we hear from people is, ‘Wow! We wanted something like this but is it working?” says Kamrava, “Well yeah, it not only works, but it has also done beautifully over the last year, and the savings have been outstanding. We couldn’t ask for better validation than our pilot program showed in our launch year.”

Eusoh ( is a new way of paying expenses. It’s innovative. It’s different. Most of all, it’s something you must have just in case something happens to your pet.

Guide to Keeping Your Pets Safe at Home

According to the National Pet Owners Survey (2017-18), 68% of American households own a pet, which represents a continued annual increase since the survey began in 1988. This represents 85 million families in the United States that have pets.

Original article:

The most commonly owned pet is a dog, in over 60 million households, followed by a cat, which is the pet of choice for 47.1 million families. Some distance behind is freshwater fish at 12.5 million, then birds at 7.9 million.

Knowing how to keep your pet safe is a crucial part of being a pet owner. With a few small adjustments to your home, you can make sure your pet is safe. After all, it’s your pet’s home too – and home is where you should feel loved, welcome, and secure.


Making your home safe for your pet is dependent on what type of pet you have; the advice for dogs is different than the advice for cats, and so on. As a general rule, you should make sure that pets are able to exercise freely and have adequate food and water.

If your pet is confined (such as in a bowl or a cage) make sure that the space is large enough for them. If you take your pet out of its space to exercise, you should ensure that the space you exercise them in is safe and free from hazards.

In general, if you are unsure about the best ways to keep your pet safe, you should consult a veterinarian or other specialist. It is your duty to ensure the safety of your pets and failing to do so may have legal consequences, let alone for the health of your pet.

You should also factor your pet into your family’s safety planning. For example, if you live in an earthquake zone, you should develop a plan to keep your pet safe during an earthquake. Think about how you would evacuate your pet in the case of a fire (if the pet lives in the home).

Part of this involves adding supplies for your pet in your natural disaster preparedness kit. Taking advanced steps like this can significantly improve the chances of your pet’s safety in almost every situation.


According to a study by PetMD, 80% of pet owners reported allowing a pet to share their bed. This in itself is absolutely safe, although you will need to take additional steps in order to make sure that the night passes without a hitch.

Because pets won’t always be asleep for the full eight hours, you need to make sure that the room itself is safe. The most common bedroom hazards for a pet are:


People often have their phone plugged in to charge at night, as well as items like lamps, clocks, and other electronic devices.

This means that there are usually a lot of electrical cords in the bedroom that can be intriguing to pets. This can be extremely dangerous as it presents a risk of electrocution or having the pet pull a heavy object (such as a lamp) onto themselves.

  • Wherever possible, all cords should be out of the reach of pets.
  • If this isn’t possible, you should use a deterrent spray on your cords to make them less appetizing for a pet to chew on.
  • Another options is to use a cord protector or organizer to keep your cords together and provide an extra layer of protection from your pet.


Large furniture can be a hazard in multiple different ways for pets. The bed itself can be a problem for smaller pets, who may decide to jump off in the night and injure themselves.

To address this, think about placing a smaller piece of furniture at the end of your bed, to help a pet climb up and down.

In general, you should assume that a pet will try and climb every piece of furniture, so make sure that large, heavy objects are secured as a pet may knock those off.


If your pet is loose in your room at night, there is a danger that they will choke on items because you are not there to supervise what they put in their mouth.

If you have jewelry, batteries, or other small objects, you should be careful to place them in a secure location so that they don’t look like a tempting late-night snack for a pet.

If any of the above is too difficult, you should rethink your decision to have your pet in your room at night. Most pets can live without sharing a bed with their owner and while it can be nice to have a dog or a cat curled up at the end of your bed, if it compromises their safety you should put them to bed in another part of your home where you know they are safe.


Kitchens can be confusing places for pets. The room is full of interesting smells, yet not everything in there is edible and some of it can be very dangerous. If you feed your pet leftovers or scraps from the table, then they can begin to associate items in the kitchen with food, causing further problems.


Pets are often attracted by the garbage, which often contains food scraps. You should get a pet safe garbage can to ensure that the lid remains closed.

You can also look to keep your garbage can under the sink or in a cabinet that your pet cannot access.

Furthermore, make an effort to change your garbage bag regularly to prevent your pet from being too tempted by the smells.


If you keep cleaning products (such as bleach) in the kitchen, these should remain well out of reach of pets.

If you think your pet may be able to open a cabinet door, place a safety lock on the cabinet (the type used to keep children out work well).


In addition, there is always the temptation to throw your pet some of the food you are cooking for your family, particularly if they have been patiently watching you cook.

However, humans and pets have different tolerances for food, and so you shouldn’t assume that what’s safe for humans is safe for pets.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has an exhaustive list of human food that is not safe for animal consumption.


  • Alcohol
  • Avocado
  • Chocolate
  • Citrus fruits
  • Grapes/Raisins
  • Onions
  • Uncooked meat or eggs

Remember, your pet won’t know what’s safe or not, so you should always err on the side of caution. If in doubt, look it up online or speak to a professional. If you still aren’t sure, don’t feed it to your pet; they may whine in the short-term, but it’s for their long-term safety.



Pets often don’t use the bathroom, so it’s not always the first place you’d think of securing to make it safe for a pet.

However, because this is where you keep your medicines and other potentially harmful chemicals, you should give as much attempt to keep a pet safe here as you would any other part of your home.



Some pets enjoy drinking from the toilet, yet this can be harmful because of the cleaning products you use, which may leave a residue even after multiple flushes. Instead, keep the lid down and secure to remove this temptation.


According to the Pet Poison Helpline, medications are in the top 10 of pet poisoning cases. The most dangerous medications for pets are the following (although all are dangerous to some degree):

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs like AdvilThese cause major health problems to pets because they damage the kidneys and stomach.
  • AntidepressantsThese cause major neurological damage to pets as a result of the relative size and dosage.
  • Acetaminophen drugs like Tylenoleven one tablet can be fatal to a pet, causing liver failure.
  • ADHD drugsThese often contain amphetamines, which cause heart and neurological problems in pets.

All medication should, therefore, be kept out of reach of pets, ideally behind a locked cabinet (again, a child-proof lock will work well). If your pet does ingest any medication designed for humans, you should take them to a vet immediately.


The following additional areas around the house can be dangerous to pets:


A dryer may present a tempting space for an animal to curl up in. This can be dangerous if you then run the dryer.

You should keep your dryer door closed when not in use. In addition, you should make sure that all larger appliances are secured so that they are not likely to fall on a pet.


Although house plants look nice and bring an extra outdoor element into a home, they can be poisonous to pets. Even common items like Poinsettias can be poisonous to dogs (and most pets will, to some degree, be tempted to chew on a house plant).

Some plants such as Ivy are only moderately toxic to humans but are extremely toxic to both dogs and cats. If you buy a houseplant, check online to see its level of toxicity to your specific pets.

In general, you should also try and keep plants out of the reach of pets, who may also knock over heavy plant pots and cause additional problems.


Even pets that don’t roam freely outdoors may get to spend some time in the yard, so you shouldn’t exclude this area from your safety plans.

The first step to take is to make sure that your pet can’t go any further than you want them to.

This means reinforcing your fence or using a leash to keep the pet within a predefined area. Some pets (including cats) can easily climb fences, so don’t assume that a high fence will stop them.

You should also not take your pet outside if the temperature is extreme. Some creatures are highly susceptible to heat and cold, and this may be dangerous.

If you are grilling or cooking on a fire pit, make sure your pet can’t get into the fire, particularly because the smell of the food may attract them in the first place.

As with bringing plants indoors, some plants in your yard may be poisonous to your pet. Check the Humane Society’s website for a list of plants that you should be wary of. As a general rule, it’s best to supervise your pet when in the garden, particularly if they seldom venture out.


If you keep chemicals in your basement, make sure that these are secured away from your pet. As with medications and cleaning fluids, all pesticides and other chemicals should be well out of reach of your pet.

Basements are also where the HVAC system and water heater are located. If a pet starts chewing on or scratching up parts of these systems, it could be dangerous to them as well as problematic for the whole household.

Basement stairs tend to be narrow and steep, which can be difficult for a puppy or kitten that are just finding their footing to safely navigate.

This also applies to small pets that simply cannot scale the steps without slipping and falling down the stairs. Make sure you are there to monitor or carry your pet up and down the stairs, if necessary.

If this is the case, it also could be a good idea to put a lock or barrier in front of the basement door so your pet can’t get down there without you and get themselves into dangerous situations.

Ultimately, it is not complex to make your home safer for your pet. Doing a quick tour of your home and removing the most common hazards will get rid of the major dangers.

Furthermore, most of the safety tips outlined above are relatively common sense. Taking a few minutes to clear away dangerous items, secure cabinets, will make your pet safer and give you peace of mind.

Although pets are experts at finding their way into tricky (and often hilarious) scenarios, it’s your job as an owner to make sure that your pets are free to explore without putting themselves in danger.

Making sure your pet is safe is not hard work and will ensure that you and your pet spend the best possible chances of enjoying many happy years together.


Rising Health Costs Are Coming Your Way

*This article concerning health costs came from the New York Times. It was written by David Leonhart and it was published on July 19, 2019. Link

My health care is a benefit. Your health care is a cost.

That widespread attitude has long hurt political efforts to hold down medical costs. When people hear that the government (or an insurance company or a hospital) is taking steps to reduce health care spending, they get nervous about being denied medical care.

You can probably see the problem: Someone has to pay for medical care. And to some extent, we all pay for each other’s care, through both taxes and private insurance. Ultimately, an unwillingness to say no to health care spending leads to higher costs for everyone.

That’s one reason that Americans have the world’s highest medical costs. (Another reason is that doctors, drug companies and other parts of the American health care industry make a lot of money.) We struggle to say no even to health care that doesn’t make us healthier. Cardiologyprostate care and obstetrics are three examples, among many, of fields where high-cost care often brings no benefit.

All of which brings me to the sad story of the Cadillac tax.

During the long debate over the Affordable Care Act a decade ago, the Obama administration was one of the only forces for fiscal conservatism — that is, trying to hold down health care spending. Congressional Republicans could have pushed for cost-saving measures, but instead they just opposed any effort to insure the uninsured. Many congressional Democrats, especially in the House, had no interest in policies to hold down spending.

Now that the Obama administration is gone, an important part of the health care law seems likely to die: the Cadillac tax. Had it gone into effect, the tax would have applied to expensive insurance plans — that is, those with relatively few restrictions — as a way of encouraging companies and workers to use more efficient plans. A few years ago, though, Congress delayed it, and on Wednesday the House voted to repeal it. The Senate seems likely to follow. Being in favor of unconstrained health spending is politically easy, even though it’s bad policy.

Labor unions are probably the best example of the perverse politics of medical spending. Unions have always opposed the Cadillac tax, out of fear that it will deny needed medical care to their members. As a result, the unions have ended up effectively pushing for expensive health care plans that quietly pinch their members’ paychecks.

The sharp rise of health spending in recent decades is one reason that wage increases have been so weak. As Paul N. Van de Water, a health care expert at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, told Abby Goodnough of The Times, the tax was “one of the A.C.A.’s most important cost-containment measures” and could have led to pay increases.

For more …

“Rather than killing or delaying the Cadillac tax, Democrats should be trying to make it operational. The tax would raise revenue, lower costs, increase the efficiency of the tax code and give the Obamacare individual market its best chance at success,” Karl W. Smith wrote for Bloomberg Opinion. “Instead, Democrats have set up that market for more turmoil.”

Sarah Kliff, then of Vox, explained in 2015 how the threat of the Cadillac tax was already holding down health costs. “Opposition is getting fiercer because the tax is working,” she wrote.

The Urban Institute has published a research paper with suggestions for improving the Cadillac tax rather than abolishing it.

For the other side of the argument, see Janet Trautwein, who works at an insurance industry trade group, or Stan Dorn, a consumer advocate. Core to the case against the tax is the idea that wasteful health care is not a meaningful contributor to overall costs.

May Savings and Procedures Shared on Eusoh

May has passed and as the Eusoh community continues to grow and grow, the more everyone saves. With summer already here and pets are out-and-about, enjoying the summer sun and heat — it’s a good time to visit the vet. Unfortunately, accidents and health issues are going to happen at this time of the year. It’s good for you and your pet to have the assurance that there is a cost-sharing and cost-solution out there.

Yes, We Saved

Here are the simple numbers for May: $19 is the average cost Eusoh members paid for the month. $19 is the cost of subscription ($10) plus the cost of shared expenses (average=$9). Compare that to the national average for pet insurance premiums, $80. It’s obvious to see how much the difference is. We’ll do the math for you: $61.

Taking that national average for pet insurance premiums, $80 and apply it over a 10-month period, pet owners are paying $800 dollars over that time. Month to month, the monthly price of Eusoh ranged from $10/month to $19/month. Altogether, over a 10-month span, Eusoh members paid on average $133. The difference between Eusoh and traditional pet insurance was astounding. We’ll do the math for you again: A $667 difference.

“You saved $667 and helped fellow pet owners while paying under $20/month for pet protection. You should be happy!”

Procedures shared

Here’s a listing of services, surgeries, and procedures Eusoh members shared in the month of May.

  • Annual checkup and shots
  • Vaccine appointment
  • Physical therapy
  • Lump exam
  • Tumor removal
  • Foreign Body in GI Tract
  • Abdominal Ultrasound
  • Arthritis treatment

And that’s just the shortlist. You can see here that the Eusoh platform and the community are there for one another. If you are considering Eusoh for your pets and you have questions, please leave us a message on our contact page.




Medical Crowdfunding on the Global Scale

The world of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and crowdsharing expanded with the funding of Waterdrop Company, a China-based medical alternative provider. They closed a 500-million yuan ($74.2 million) Series B financing round to expand their crowdfunding, mutual and insurance products.


The round was led by Tencent, joined Banyan Capital, IDG Capital, BlueRun Ventures, Sinovation Ventures, DST Global’s founder Yuri Milner, and former CEO of Tencent’s e-commerce business We Xiaoguang. All are supportive of Waterdrop’s essential crowdfunding business model of offering support of medical services to the poor.

Waterdrop providers members with value-for-money and affordable medical-care protection. Currently, it has over 75 members, paid out over 350 million yuan in mutual aid fund and assisted more than 2500 families. Their insurance arm works with over 50 insurance companies in China that serves to over 10 million users in the country.

Insurance alternatives on the rise

Waterdrop looks to be the catalyst of an insuretech revolution in China. Traditional offerings are now competing with promising startups like Waterdrop. The amount of business the company has been producing is staggering. But with funding coming from Tencent and others in the field, Waterdrop looks to make crowdfunded health care as the new norm.

Making Ends Meet – Tips for Individuals in Recovery

Eusoh is building its healthcare solution to go with its successful solution for pets. As we continue this monumental task, we will be sharing new content aimed for individuals, groups, and families affected by the current healthcare situation. For more information regarding our healthcare mission, click here.

After a period of substance abuse, it can be hard for many individuals to get back on track. Finding a steady job can be hard when there’s a gap in your resume or if you had issues at your former job due to addiction. It’s easy to get discouraged, which can lead to a fall right back into old habits that could destroy your ability to stay on a sober path.

While you’re here, please take a look at:

Stay Focused When Working from Home

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to earn money while you’re looking for something more permanent. From starting your own online business to driving for a rideshare company, you can make money almost immediately, which will help you pay your bills until you find the perfect job. Start by thinking about a hobby or other interest that could potentially bring in some cash, and do some research to find out what kinds of opportunities are nearby or available as a work-from-home job.

Remember, working on your terms is also the perfect time to set yourself up mentally for managing work stress, since many people find that substance abuse is closely related to how they handle work stressors. Having a job schedule and style that fits your current needs can give you a launch pad for noticing triggers and knowing how to deal with them. That way, when you finally land the job of your dreams, you’ll already have the right tools to help navigate the pitfalls of work.

Keep reading for some great tips on how to make ends meet while you’re on the hunt for a more permanent job.

Be a teacher

If you have a gift for playing music or are knowledgeable about a certain subject, consider teaching. You might start giving instrument lessons, or work with an online tutoring site that helps young people reach their potential outside of school. This allows for a flexible schedule, so you can earn money without the stress of sticking to a rigid routine, which is perfect when you’re looking for something more permanent. If you’ll be hosting lessons or tutoring sessions at home, be sure you have a space designed for visitors. A room in your home with a private entrance and bathroom is ideal, but at the very least, make sure it’s away from the hustle and bustle of your family’s activities.

Pet sitter/dog walker

Starting a side-gig as a pet sitter or dog walker is a great way to earn extra money and take care of your mental health at the same time. Spending time with animals can boost your self-esteem, reduce stress, and even lower blood pressure, making this the perfect side gig for someone in recovery. It’s also a wonderful way to break into the job market, since you can choose your gigs and the pets you want to work with, and you can set your own hours. Check out online job sites for opportunities near you.

A collection of comments on The Joy of Having a Dog

It goes without saying that this is also the perfect opportunity to work in some exercise, as dogs are great motivators when it comes to getting outside and staying active. Daily workouts are essential during recovery, because they help boost your mental health and allow you to maintain a commitment to sobriety.

Sell your wares online

If you have a talent for making jewelry, clothing, art, or decor, consider setting up an online shop where you can sell your wares. There are tons of platforms these days that will allow anyone with something to sell to get their product to the masses, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Many sites only charge a nominal fee for each item you post in your shop, and they provide tools to help you figure out shipping costs while eliminating credit card fees.

Looking for a job can be a stressful task, so while your searching, it’s important to stay on top of your personal wellness. Look for ways you can incorporate self-care into your side-gig so that your mental health stays on track during the process, and remember to ask for help when you need it. With a good plan, you can ensure that your life and career are back on track in no time.

Eusoh: Community is Our Driver of Change

Why Community is So Important

Why Community is So Important

A frequent question we hear is, “Why is Eusoh’s emphasis on community?” Eusoh introduces a financial model that saves consumers significant money. Ironically, the emphasis on the community only further complicates our platform. Requiring our members to join community groups is a significant frictional barrier that has been an impediment for user adoption.

Experts in the Marketing and Startup fields would suggest that we eliminate all frictional barriers to registration. The addition and the requirement of the community component of Eusoh totally break these accepted norms. So why do we focus on community to the detriment of our growth?

Our focus on community introduces a behavioral component that is non-existent in the traditional insurance model. This behavioral change is a significant component of how we are drastically saving money for our members. Combined with the savings achieved strictly by the financial aspect of the platform, the overall savings have been eye-popping.

Our emphasis on the community may decrease early adoption, but we’re in this for the long haul. We are confident that an inflection point will soon give way to rapid organic growth. The setbacks now are absolutely worth the long term gain for our members.

There are several important elements to our community — the pertinent ones include collective wisdom, accountability, and security. Attaining financial security is the undeniable core value proposition of Eusoh. We wanted to take it a step further and utilize community to transfer collective wisdom and keep our members, along with their providers, fully accountable to one another.

The Insured vs. the Insurance Industry, the Modern Day David vs. Goliath

In the individualized insurance model, for everyone insured, it is them versus the insurer. The individual versus the multimillion-dollar industry, the “David versus Goliath”. This is played out when the insured needs to employ their insurance and their only option is to extract as much as they can from the insurance titans.

This extraction from insurance companies is also practiced by the providers, the facilities, and ancillary providers, all of whom are trying to get as much out of the system as possible. They all forget that, in reality, the funds they are vying for, are being crowdfunded through premiums from the members. This leads to widespread abuse in the insurance market. It is precisely this widespread abuse that has caused exponential rises in premiums that are untethered nor hampered by any market mechanisms.

For the insurers, this volatile and unobstructed model is a good thing because, at the end of the day, they earn income as a percentage of total premiums collected. If revenue functions as a percentage of total premiums, would the insurance company prefer premiums to be at $100 or $400 per month? Obviously, the latter. They achieve this by allowing the insured to operate within the most inefficient market possible — inefficiencies that only drive prices up.

Conclusion: Community Fixes the Current System

Requiring our members to join community groups changes this calculation. It re-introduces the behavioral patterns of collective wisdom, accountability, and security. All of which are mutual benefits — our members expect to receive it, and in turn, know to provide it as well. To effectuate this, there is a heightened level of transparency, which for many is yet again another barrier to entry. But our members accept this when they join Eusoh — because the cumulative effect is a force unto itself that pushes down monthly costs far lower than ever achievable by any novel yet isolated financial model.

Spring 2019 Health Guide for Pets

March 20 is the first day of Spring. After a long and cold winter, the sun is peeking out of the clouds, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and most of all, the animal world is coming out of a long hibernation. It’s the perfect time to get your pet off the couch, out of the house and back to the park, the beach or even the trails.

Before you and your pet endure yourselves to any physical activity, it’s best to prepare yourselves. We created a Spring pet health checklist to make sure your pet is in the best shape for the upcoming season.

Get a Checkup with a Vet. At Home.

A checkup or two every year would be optimal for both humans and pets. But did you know you can bring the veterinary care to your home? Vetted PetCare, the leading provider of in-home veterinary services in the country, can do that just for you.

Vetted’s team of experienced, hardworking veterinarians care for dogs and cats at home, where the pets (and owners) are most relaxed. Each of these house calls is attended by a veterinarian/veterinary technician team. The team has with them all the supplies they need to perform almost all the same services they would in a traditional veterinary clinic, like weighing pets, administering shots, blood, and other diagnostic sampling, microchipping, and more.

Vetted is based in L.A., they currently serve pets in L.A., San Francisco and the Bay Area, and even New York City.

Got Joint Pain?

Is your pet suffering from joint pain or from the aches and pains that come with age? We recommend a preventative supplement aptly named Happy Again Pet. It’s a collagen-based powder that you can mix with water or just add on top of your pet’s meal. It’s the perfect relief for arthritis, dysplasia, and overall stiffness.

How Does Happy Again Pet Work?

Hitting the Trails? Got Snacks?

Now that your pet got the green light for physical activities and you’re taking the preventative measures to avoid future aches and pains – it’s time to take out your pal to the park or to the trails. If you take long hikes in the forest or the hills or even to the local park, it’s important to have water at the ready. A collapsable dog bowl is a great option for outdoor activity.

But more important are snacks. Our friends at Trail Dog Treats have the perfect homemade snacks made for your energetic pet. Trail Dog Treats promotes a healthy lifestyle for your dog by providing all natural, wheat, soy & dairy free dog treats baked with human-grade ingredients, no preservatives.

Here’s a listing of some of the ingredients: Organic rye flour, sunflower seeds, organic flax meal, carrots, cornmeal, almonds, honey, all natural peanut butter, rolled oats, molasses & more!!

For a complete listing, please visit this link:

Spring is coming. And so is summer. The sun is coming out and will be out for a while. Are you ready? Is your pet ready? Make sure you take the measures to ensure their health with a vet visit (at home) and feeding the right supplements and snacks to your pet.