Eusoh is updating the traditional insurance model – and we think traditional pet foods could use some updating, too. When Pet Plate founder Renaldo Webb was looking for an alternative to low-quality, processed dry foods for his pup Winston, he ended up starting his own dog food company!

Pet Plate is a subscription service that delivers fresh-cooked, human-grade dog food right to your door. Their meals are made with 100% real ingredients, like fresh protein, veggies and fruits – the kind of ingredients you might buy for your family. All of the meals are cooked in a USDA kitchen and are held to the same standards as human food.

Wondering why pet parents are turning to fresh food? Here’s the scoop:

More energy
Traditional kibble often contains a ton of processed ingredients, which can be tough for your pup to digest. Real, fresh ingredients are more digestible. That means your pupper will absorb more nutrients from their food – so they’ll have more energy for playtime!

Health benefits
A diet composed of real ingredients can have big health benefits for your dog. Since fresh food is easier to digest, it can be a great choice for pups with digestive issues or sensitive stomachs. Pet parents have also reported easier weight management as well as a decrease in allergies, a shinier coat and even firmer poops once they made the switch!

Tastes great
If you’re struggling to get your picky pup to eat, switching to fresh food (or adding some fresh food to their usual meals) can help bring excitement back to mealtime!
If you’re sold on fresh food, and are looking for an easy, convenient option – Pet Plate can help! They deliver 100% human-grade meals straight to your door in pre-portioned, resealable, microwavable containers. Your pup’s meal plan is personalized, so every meal is perfectly portioned. Plus, Pet Plate works with an in-house veterinary nutritionist to make sure their recipes are complete and balanced by including a custom supplement blend in every meal.

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