Puppy Bowl 2019: The Puppies We're Watching and Cheering For

Posted by Joe Cayetano on Feb 2, 2019 5:03:26 PM

Once again, it’s the first Sunday in February and after a tough, arduous regular season and an even grueling playoffs, the world of sports sets their sights upon the biggest game of the year. This game is known worldwide and is seen by an audience of billions. The game is the Puppy Bowl - a game where young pups go to “battle” on the puppy gridiron.

Animal Planet has revealed the starting lineups for the The Puppy Bowl. The game, which will be played during halftime of Super Bowl LIII, will feature dozens of puppies from many shelters and rescues across the United States.

We're going to give you a quick rundown of which puppies to look out for; And just for laughs, we’re going to give you what we think are their real-life NFL counterparts. In no way is this a serious analysis of the big game nor it's players. It’s all in good fun. So Rams fans, Pats fans, Georgia Bulldogs fans, Washington Huskies fans, and other fans of football playing dogs….let’s all take a look at these pups.

  1. Chance the Dalmatian

    Think of a long, lanky, somewhat lumbering pup and you get the Dalmatian. Despite its long, spotted limbs, the Dalmatian is one of the most reliable, loyal, and workmanlike breeds around. Often associated with firehouses and firefighters, the Dalmatian is an iconic breed -- even earning its own series of Disney movies.


    When we think of a tall, lanky, somewhat slow but iconic football legends, we think of the possible GOAT, Tom Brady. For many years, Tom has been the example of durability, reliability and of course, winning. Congrats Tom! Along with your world championships, you’re up there with one of the greatest breeds in the world.


  2. Carlo the Pug

    "The Autumn Wind is a pug...." Yes, the pug is certainly stout and probably pound for pound, the strongest in its class. With its barrel chest, thick neck, and short limbs, one would think the Pug is slow. But they are deceptively quick and coupled with their power, you got the perfect defensive tackle.


    When we think of an somewhat undersized (well, shorter) and immensely powerful football player, one would have to think of the best defensive player in the world today -- Aaron Donald. He is the best example of explosive speed and power, Donald always finds himself as one of the league’s sack leaders.


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  3. Button the Cocker Spaniel

    With its beautiful, silky hair and friendly, cool disposition, the Cocker Spaniel looks like the perfect breed for the easy going California lifestyle. If you ever watch a Cocker Spaniel in motion, you’ll notice their long, feathered floppy ears -- it is a vision of smoothness and beauty.


    And when you think about smooth, silky smooth player that is perfect for the California lifestyle, it would have to be Jared Goff. He was raised in Northern California, he attended Cal, and now the young No.1 draft pick is a star for the Los Angeles Rams.


  4. Bear the American Staffordshire Terrier

    The muscular “AmStaff” is already looks like a powerful breed, but it is also graceful and extremely agile. It is a breed built for both power and durability given its lower center of gravity and strong jaw. Altogether, its athleticism, intelligence, and friendly disposition, the “Amstaff” is one of the best all-rounders among breeds.


    When we think of the best all-rounder in the league, we have to think of someone who get all-purpose yards in the air and on the ground. We’re thinking of someone who can catch the ball and run with it; Someone who is both powerful and graceful -- And of course, like the AmStaff, someone who is an All-American.

    That player is running back Todd Gurley. He was born in Maryland, played high school football in North Carolina, played college ball for the Georgia Bulldogs, and won Offensive Rookie of the Year with the Rams. Gurley’s career and achievements makes him the biggest All-American playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday.


  5. Alvin, the German Shorthaired Pointer

    We conclude with Alvin, the German Shorthaired Pointer. A versatile, medium to very large breed that is suitable for both land and water. It is the perfect sporting breed and hunting companion that jump, run, and retrieve your targets easily. A “pointer” by name, the breed can also be relied to track, pull sleds, and even detect bombs.


    There’s one position on the football gridiron that truly requires a lot of versatility. From catching, jumping, run-blocking, pass-blocking, running, and setting screens, a lot is expected of the tight end. And there’s no better tight end in the NFL than Rob Gronkowski. He’s one of the biggest players on the field, but he can make a case for one of the fastest, strongest, and even most agile. Gronkowski’s skill set is far greater than any player on the field and he makes the perfect companion for the consummate hunter. In Gronkowski's case, he makes a great companion for Tom Brady.


There you have it. A fun, silly look at our favorite pups playing at the Puppy Bowl and their human counterparts. Have fun watching the big game(s) and if you have time, take a look at Eusoh.

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