Fervora is Here For Influencers and Brand Ambassadors!!

Posted by Joe Cayetano on Dec 13, 2019 9:19:29 AM

Eusoh Influencers and Brand Ambassadors!!! Here's a platform for you to create links and manage your ambassador account. It's called Fervora and it's makes sharing Eusoh on social media so much easier. Click here to sign up.

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Let’s Become Ambassadors for Eusoh

Posted by Joe Cayetano on Dec 31, 2018 2:47:46 PM


We describe Eusoh as community-based care for your pet. But it’s also community-based care for everyone’s pet. Eusoh calls upon the community to help care for pets everywhere. For this worthwhile purpose, we call upon the community to become our ambassadors.

As a Eusoh ambassador, you have the opportunity to create a new revenue stream for yourself. In the new sharing economy, which Eusoh is a big part of, people are finding new and innovative ways to make a living or have a side "gig". Whether it is being an Uber driver or an Amazon retail affiliate or even a social media influencer, we are presented so many opportunities to create earnings. And now you have this opportunity and all you need to do is connect with fellow pet owners.


All you need to do is “Spread the Love” of Eusoh by spreading the word of what we do. You’ll be equipped with an “ambassador” code that you can send to your network, clients, friends, family - Basically, anyone who wants to try out a new and innovative way to protect pets everywhere.

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