Eusoh - What's That?

Posted by Joe Cayetano on Dec 2, 2019 9:24:09 AM
I want to start out with two statements that I’m sure will shock you:
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Eusoh, the Innovative, Transparent, Affordable Alternative We Need

Posted by Allen Kamrava on Sep 6, 2019 3:46:57 PM

Fact: Less than 2% of pets in North America are insured.

Fact: 93% of Americans do not trust insurance companies.

Eusoh, a startup based out of Los Angeles, CA,  provides the first fully-functional alternative to insurance. Founded by a former surgeon, Allen Kamrava, Eusoh (pronounced “you-so”) offers people an option that simply wasn’t available before.  It’s a platform that protects people without taking advantage of them.

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