Eusoh is a new way for pet owners to share veterinary expenses together. It’s a premium-free cost-sharing alternative to pet insurance. You may ask yourself, “Will it work for my pet?” Even though we’ve been around for a short time, many pet owners are sharing, saving, and having great experiences with Eusoh. Here’s a testimonial from a real Eusoh customer.

“My dog Remi has just successfully completed his second TTA-2 surgery to repair a torn CCL. Eusoh has been very helpful throughout this process, especially the support staff. They have shown that they care for both Remi and me, and understand the financial burden unexpected vet bills can cause, especially expensive surgeries to repair things like torn CCL’s. They have been incredibly responsive, and have made what could be a very difficult process a lot easier.”
– Tyler Mobraten, Pet Parent of Remi

Pet owners are ready for a change. Here are some comments from a veterinary blog that reviewed us.

“This is an interesting idea. I’ve heard of pet insurance, but this is the first I’ve heard of any kind of community plan. I think it’s worth looking into more closely. Thanks!

“I think this is really a neat concept. I love the idea of sharing versus paying high premiums. I would consider this!”
-Amy R.

“Having a pet can be costly. This cost-sharing program sounds like a great alternative to traditional pet insurance.”
-Alexis C.