Vetted Brings Quality Care in the Comfort of Your Home

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One of the most arduous tasks for pet owners is taking your beloved friend to the veterinarian. In the same way, people have a fear for the doctor, pets have the same fear for the veterinarian. For some pets, going to the veterinarian feels traumatic. The strange sounds and the new pungent smells emanating from the vet’s office can all be too much for your pet’s senses.

One California-based startup wants to do away with all of your pet’s trauma. Vetted brings the veterinarian to you, allowing your pet to be looked after in the safety of your home. According to Vetted, 89% of vet visits can be treated at home. Knowing this, they’ve employed a licensed team of vets to do these house calls.

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The question will come up: What if my pet has a major procedure that needs to be done? Vetted can refer you to a recommended facility that is local to you. For most cases, Vetted veterinarians will arrive and take care of skin, ear, and gastrointestinal procedures; They will also follow up with clients to see if any new issues have occurred.

What happens during a Vetted visit?
All Vetted appointments are attended by both a veterinarian and veterinary technician. This ensures you’ll have plenty of time to talk to your vet at-length about any questions you might have. During the appointment, your in-home vet will perform the same kinds of tests and procedures they would in an office: skin checks, vaccine administration, diagnostic work…it’s all fair-game!

Another perk of working with Vetted is that your vet will be able to observe your pet at home, in their normal environment. Unsolved behavioral issues? Stairs your pet can no longer get up? When your vet can see what your pet’s day-to-day life is like they’ll have a better understanding of any issues you can’t put your finger on.

It’s a good thing to see that pet startups are giving owners a lot of options of how to do things. We apps to board our pets and even find specialized dog walkers. Vetted offers pet owners a new way of treating their pets -- in their homes, where our pets feel most safe and secure.

Vetted Brings Quality Care in the Comfort of Your Home. Click Here to Learn More.

Who can use the Vetted service?
Any pet owners (cats and dogs only!) who live in Vetted’s service areas. Customers can search by their zip code at to find out whether or not we service their location.

Why would people use Vetted?
Because they’re busy! Vetted offers weekend and evening appointments. In-home care also means less stress for anxious pets who don’t like car rides or smelly vet’s offices. Many people assume house calls are too expensive, but regular house calls can actually help them save money in the long run.

What can be done during a house call?
Almost anything that can be done at a traditional veterinary clinic. Vetted vets perform exams, give vaccines, collect diagnostic samples, perform small procedures, issue travel certificates, and of course, write prescriptions. The only things they can’t do in the home are surgery, sedation, or diagnostic imaging.

Who are Vetted’s vets?
Vetted’s vets are licensed and accredited, fully board certified, and highly experienced. All our vets have previously worked in traditional veterinary settings and some still split their time between working with Vetted clients, performing surgeries, and even specializing. They live in the areas they serve.

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